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Kort over Varzaneh Traditional Guest House Gæstehus

No 14- Maghsoudi Alley-Beheshti, Varzaneh, Iran


  • Aircondition
  • Gratis Wi-Fi
  • Køkken
  • Morgenmad inkluderet
  • Sen check-ud
  • Faciliteter til at lave te og kaffe
  • Gratis internetadgang
  • Gratis lufthavnstransfer
  • Gratis parkering
  • Reception (begrænset tidsrum)
  • Reception åben døgnet rundt
  • Rengøring
  • Sikkerhedsovervågning døgnet rundt
  • Telefoner med kort
  • Tur-/Rejseskranke
  • måltider Tilgængelige

Check ind / Check ud

tidligste check ind: 08:00


  • Kreditkort accepteres
  • Ingen udgangsforbud
  • Skatter inkluderet


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From Esfahan, travelers can go to the Jey terminal and take the Varzaneh buses or minibusses, paying IRR40,000 (USD1). Moreover, From Isfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport, it is only 1 hour by taxi to reach Varzaneh. As for Jey Terminal, you do not need to do a reservation for a ticket in advance. You may go directly to Jey Terminal and ask the bus terminal staff where the bus (or minibus) is. Almost once per hour, 07:00-17:00, there is a bus going to Varzaneh. It takes 1h30 to reach there. Plenty of taxis are also available usually in front of Jey Terminal to reach Varzaneh. You would pay about USD13-15 to get there with a taxi.

From Tehran, you need to go to Jonub terminal, with buses leaving at 09:00 daily to Harand, a town about 20km away from Varzaneh. For Harand-Varzaneh, you will be finding very cheap taxis, costing around IRR250,000 (around USD5).

From Yazd, travelers can take the Yazd-Esfahan (or even Yazd-Tehran, and Yazd-Kashan) buses from Yazd terminal and ask the driver to stop in Naein which costs IRR150,000. Then from Nain, it is 70km to Varzaneh, for which you may take a taxi. The taxis are IRR450,000 IR rial (about 11 Euro). All in all, it is 3 hours from Yazd to Varzaneh.

In Varzaneh, there is a regular bus to Esfahan almost everyone an hour until 14:00. Please notice that the last bus to Isfahan, departing from Varzaneh is at 14:00. For departure, just ask local people to reach bus terminal (or according to locals 'autobus' Terminal) from the only bus station in town. Private taxis are available 24 hours a day. To reach Yazd, You would need to take a taxi to Na'in. Then, afterward is very easy, since all of the buses going to Yazd from Isfahan and Tehran would pass Na'in. So, if you stop at Road Police station around Na'in, you will be finding a bus to Yazd within 15min. It takes all in all 3 hours to reach Yazd from Varzaneh.

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